Excellent drama from P3
Wednesday November 04th 2015, 8:26 pm
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We had a treat this week because Shonagh the drama specialist came in to work with us. We started to retell the story of Hansel & Gretel and got to improve our drama skills – ideal with our class assembly coming up just next week. We reached the point where Hansel & Gretel are finally lost in the woods because the birds had eaten all their breadcrumbs. Oh dear – we are wondering what will happen to the two children now? We don’t have long to wait until we find out though. Shonagh is coming back next week where we will hopefully conclude the exciting story.

The Royal Observatory
Thursday October 29th 2015, 3:37 pm
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P3 had a great trip to the Royal Observatory to finish of their topic on the Sun & the Moon. It was fun to see the giant telescope, see the roof open and move round and handle real space rocks. We even got to make our own sun dials. And that was just the end of a really busy week – we learned how do AR quizzes with P7, played chess against P4, carried on with reading, maths, our daily run and even finished our Autumn paintings.

We…………’re Back!
Thursday October 22nd 2015, 7:54 pm
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We all survived the October holidays and have arrived back at school raring to go. This week started with an outside literacy lesson where we showed some teachers who had come all the way from Iceland how good we were are writing.  In teams, we had to make trails for Mr Cain to follow so we had to make sure all our clues were well written and easy to follow. We all did superbly. The Icelandic teachers were very impressed! We have finished our Aliens topic (even though we are visiting the observatory next week) and started to brainstorm what we knew about Ancient Egypt – our new topic. Maths, reading and all the normal stuff kept going but one new thing started this week – the daily run. It is hard going but already we are getting better. Less of us need to stop and walk. We made apple crumble so that we could put our secret recipe on the school calendar for next year. It tasted delicious. So much so that Mr Cain hardly got any, much to his disappointment! And Richard the Ranger came in on a very windy Thursday afternoon to take us down into the woods to learn about trees. We got to identify leaves and fruits and see which trees they had come from. And we also learned how to tell how old a tree is and measure how high it is.