Rangoli Patterns

This afternoon P4c designed some beautiful Rangoli patterns for our new topic display. Why not have a go at home?


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6 Responses to Rangoli Patterns

  1. jen says:

    I had really good fun makeing rangoly patens

  2. Hi I liked it when I done the rangoli patterns because its really fun to play on and I hope everybody els liked it if they done the rangoli pattern game cause I liked it.

  3. Ellie and Emma says:

    We think the Rangoli patterns are fantastico and love doing them! But we also love our teacher Mrs McBirnie she is fantastico too but I think the class should say thank you and let’s hope we learn more!!!!!! Love Ellie and Emma!!!!!!xx

  4. molly says:

    i loved doing the pattern 🙂

  5. Ellie says:

    Hello I love rangoli the patterns and defintly love our India topic can you tell us more Mrs McBirnie!!!!!!

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