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P4 have been doing five weeks of tag rugby and have been learning to pass and how to play real rugby games.  At the last week we got to get big tackle bags and tackle them.  We learned that in tag rugby you have to pass twice before you score and that when you have the ball and someone else takes off your tag you have to pass to someone in your team.  By Niamh

Over the past five weeks we have been learning about tag rugby.  The coach was called Michael and he let us use the tackle bags.  It was fun running into a bag.  We also played games of tag rugby.  We did some passing exercises (which weren’t very useful because barely anybody passed in the actual game).  By Chrissie

In rugby we learned how to pass.  The course lasted four weeks.  Our rugby coach is called Michael.  We played a game called sharks and fishes.  By Michael

Rugby was fun.  Our teacher was called Michael.  On the first week we just played some games and learned how to prepare for tag rugby.  On the second week we played some matches.  The third week we learned to throw and pass the ball backwards.  The fourth week we played some more matches and the last week we tackled some tackle-bags.  It was fun!  By Dante

At rugby we did a five week block session.  Every week we did lots of games.  We played sharks and fishes.  How you play is:  you pick five people to be sharks, then one of the sharks says ‘go’.  You run and sharks try to take the tags from you.  You have two lives.  We also got split into three teams.  Two teams would go on the pitch and have a game while the other team passes the ball to each other.  By Megan


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