Modroc Madness

Over the last few weeks, we have been very busy designing and making octopuses.  We made the body with newspaper and wire.  We then covered the models with modroc.  It was very messy and took a lot of time but with patience, skill, concentration and effort we produced outstanding octopuses.

IMGP1053 IMGP1055 IMGP1056 IMGP1057 IMGP1058 IMGP1059 IMGP1060 IMGP1061 IMGP1062 IMGP1063 IMGP1064 IMGP1065 IMGP1066 IMGP1067 IMGP1068 IMGP1069 IMGP1070 IMGP1071 IMGP1072 IMGP1073 IMGP1075 IMGP1076 IMGP1077 IMGP1078

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