Investigating History Through Drama

We have been finding out about the Anglo-Saxon burial at Sutton Hoo through drama.

In this scene the class are re-enacting the Anglo-Saxons moving a boat from the river to the burial ground.  One team is pulling on ropes, one team is supporting the boat and one team is moving logs from the back to the front for the boat to roll on.

Next week we will be finding out about what else was found at the site and what happened to it.

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2 Responses to Investigating History Through Drama

  1. Loreen Pardoe says:

    Active learning indeed P4. What a talented group of would-be Vikings. I think there is a History programme about Vikings last battle in Scotland next week. Maybe if anyone else hears more about it they could share the times and channel (my guess is STV) as I will be away next week and don’t want to miss the chance to record it.

    Enjoy your trip to the Museum! I look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. J Jackman says:

    That looks so much fun!

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