Google Expedition @ Pencaitland

P4 experienced the Respiratory System and the Digestive System before visiting Rio, The Moon and The Great Barrier Reef – all from within PPS thanks to Google Expedition!

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4 Responses to Google Expedition @ Pencaitland

  1. Shamin Akhtar says:

    Great to use in the classroom and looks like fun.

  2. Mrs Jackman says:

    It looks they had a lot of fun and they’ve been talking about it a lot

  3. Stella says:

    Wow, those look cool!

  4. Loreen Pardoe says:

    Looks so much fun….heard about kids in Haddington having a great time with this too – and recommending doing at home.
    Apparently you can download template to make the viewer or purchase for £10 I think, then slot in smartphone – and use App to control viewer from another device like tablet.

    Sounds like the fun could never end 🙂

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