Multi-Media Landscape

We used a variety of media and techniques to create these landscapes:

  1. The Sky – Blue ready-mixed paint for the sky with sponged clouds.
  2. Wax crayon and thick felt pen for the hills.
  3. Pastels for the trees.
  4. Sand mixed with yellow paint for the beach.
  5. Wax-resist with blue watercolour wash for the sea.
  6. Felt pens for the house.

The rest can be seen in school.

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P5 Basketball Tournament

After several weeks of practising our basketball skills and tactics we finished the block off with a tournament.

Well done to the Orange Team who won the Grand Final today.

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P5 teach coding to P3

Earlier this term P5 learnt some basic coding and how to program the MicroBits.  Yesterday we taught what we had learned to P3.

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P5 at Tinkertown

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Titanic Pictures

As part of our Titanic project we have created pictures of the Titanic and an iceberg.  Some are shown below.  They are all on display in or near the classroom and can be seen during the welcome evening next week.

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Urban Dance

P5 had a taster session trying out Urban Dance.  A great time was had by all.

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Coding in P5

P5 have been doing some coding this afternoon.  When they had a problem they got help from the other children.

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P5’s River Study Day

The end of term is fast approaching but we still have plenty to do and look forward to. Today we went to Haddington and spent the whole day studying the river in different ways. In one group with John the Ranger, we used nets, trays, magnifying boxes and an identification key to see what living creatures we could find in the river. And we found a whole lot from leeches, to beetles and even fish! This proved the river Tyne is very healthy. We even had time to look at what different plants and bushes like to life along the banks of the river. In another group with Richard the Ranger, we followed the flow of the River Tyne from its source past Pencaitland and on to Haddington on a big map. Then we got to do some real science. We predicted if the water flowed fastest in a deep section of a river or a shallow section. We got to test our prediction – we measured how deep our section was and then timed rubber ducks as they floated down the section of river. We did this over a deep section and a shallow section and we were right! The water flowed fastest in the shallow section. And in the third group Martyn from Outdoor Ed took us in canoes up the river. We learned how to work together to get the canoes to go where we wanted them to. And as we went up the river we learned how the river shaped the land beside it and we now know lots about meanders, flood plains and trash lines! It was a great day. We all had a fab time.


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Mathletics Week

It’s been a busy week of maths this week. Every single minute we had the laptops and netbooks we were cramming in loads of mathletics activities. We did so many we won lots of certificates. However it wasn’t all about maths. We enjoyed the sun by going out lots. We kept on with our cricket skills, read our AR books and did some sketching of the garden outside. We also produced some paintings of golden domed buildings in art and finished of our cycling by learning about roads risks and road signs.







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Ross Rocks Reading Celebration

The class had a wonderful time at Murrayfield. The celebration event for those completing the year long Ross Rocks Reading challenge drew in children from all of the Ross High cluster schools.  We enjoyed a motivational journey from Mr Jammin’ Fitness followed by a chance to sample the atmosphere of Murrayfield stadium.  The afternoon session saw the children enjoy an energetic, balloon-filled sing-a-long to Fischy Music. Quite an day !

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