P5’s River Study Day

The end of term is fast approaching but we still have plenty to do and look forward to. Today we went to Haddington and spent the whole day studying the river in different ways. In one group with John the Ranger, we used nets, trays, magnifying boxes and an identification key to see what living creatures we could find in the river. And we found a whole lot from leeches, to beetles and even fish! This proved the river Tyne is very healthy. We even had time to look at what different plants and bushes like to life along the banks of the river. In another group with Richard the Ranger, we followed the flow of the River Tyne from its source past Pencaitland and on to Haddington on a big map. Then we got to do some real science. We predicted if the water flowed fastest in a deep section of a river or a shallow section. We got to test our prediction – we measured how deep our section was and then timed rubber ducks as they floated down the section of river. We did this over a deep section and a shallow section and we were right! The water flowed fastest in the shallow section. And in the third group Martyn from Outdoor Ed took us in canoes up the river. We learned how to work together to get the canoes to go where we wanted them to. And as we went up the river we learned how the river shaped the land beside it and we now know lots about meanders, flood plains and trash lines! It was a great day. We all had a fab time.


Mathletics Week

It’s been a busy week of maths this week. Every single minute we had the laptops and netbooks we were cramming in loads of mathletics activities. We did so many we won lots of certificates. However it wasn’t all about maths. We enjoyed the sun by going out lots. We kept on with our cricket skills, read our AR books and did some sketching of the garden outside. We also produced some paintings of golden domed buildings in art and finished of our cycling by learning about roads risks and road signs.







Ross Rocks Reading Celebration

The class had a wonderful time at Murrayfield. The celebration event for those completing the year long Ross Rocks Reading challenge drew in children from all of the Ross High cluster schools.  We enjoyed a motivational journey from Mr Jammin’ Fitness followed by a chance to sample the atmosphere of Murrayfield stadium.  The afternoon session saw the children enjoy an energetic, balloon-filled sing-a-long to Fischy Music. Quite an day !

Outdoor Week

We have had a jam packed outdoor week. We had long walks, went outside for skipping, qwik cricket and cycling. We even did normal lessons like maths, reading and even mental maths outside. And we also had Hannah back in to school to do soap carving. That was lots of fun but it was also very messy! We made new co-operative groups too – our last ones for P5. And we have the P2/3 assembly and the whole school walk (which we are leading)  to look forward to tomorrow.



A Word From The Expert, Sunlight Photography and Richard the Ranger In One Week! Phew!

Goodness it was another busy week with loads crammed in. It started well because the whole class won an award from Mrs McCall (and everybody got badges) for being se well behaved during the gorge walking the week before. In maths we finished of our work on area and perimeter by doing some real examples out in the garden. Then we moved onto patterns and sequences and in language we have been continuing with reading “The Hobbit”. We are just up to where the first movie finished. In our Scots topic we had to work out which famous Scot was famous for what thing. It was harder than it sounds. But also this week we had in Stuart who told us (and P7) all about Biodiversity and then on Thursday we went out in the woods with Richard the Ranger to put the theory to a practical test and we explored sections of the woods for plants, trees and minibeasts. On Wednesday we also had in Hannah who showed us how to make photographs out of just solar paper and sunlight. We got to make up our designs (the art bit) and then produce and develop the photos (the science bit). And in our cycling we started to learn about starting and stopping safely on our bikes.


Cold, Wet, Exhausting …..But Great Fun! That’s Gorge Walking

P5 had a great couple of days gorge walking with members of East Lthians outdoor education department (ably supported by a brave couple of mums!). They had to work hard, show great team spirit and strive against the harsh conditions. But they all did remarkably well. And ….. they also learned a lot about how a river’s source and how a river begins.   This will come in handy later in the term we go canoeing and look at the at river much nearer the mouth. It will be interesting to see what the similarities and differences are!  Everyone had a splashing good time!

Cycling Started

We started our cycling lessons this week. We learned how to check over our bikes and make sure they were safe. We also did some fun activities to show we could control our bikes like high 5’s and the slowest one wins race.

First week – Last Term

Our last term in P5 and straight back into a busy week. We have done loads of stuff. Look for yourself.

Made some artwork from painting and cling-film. Played some outdoor games John Muir did as a child. We watched Anthony Horowitz Authors Live and got some top tips for writing stories. It was so sunny we did our AR reading outside. We started “The Hobbit” novel. We had the dance specialist in to teach us some fantastic  Indian dancing.We did our new Star Reader assessments. We got do volume in maths outside (it was messy!) we designed our own keep fit stations in PE. We sorted out a timeline of Scotland’s history and carried out a carousel where we discussed scenarios of peer pressure.

Eclipse & other stuff

It was a bit of a disappointment today because we couldn’t go out and watch the eclipse because it would be dangerous to our eyes. However we did see a video of it in class. I suppose we did do a lot of other good stuff this week. In maths we continued our measuring work and all but 1 group worked out their maths problem. A new record! In writing we did some more work on writing about characters. We kept on with keep-fit, rugby and we learned how to do the full shot in golf. We visited the P3 museum to learn about David Livingstone and in art used a toothbrush to make a messy art effect. We also worked in our cooperative groups to make radio adverts about Scotland. That showed what we knew about Scotland before we started our topic.

It’s always busy in P5

We thought it might be a bit quieter this week after our school visit and fairtrade cafe last week. However it wasn’t. In maths we finished our work on money and had a mathletics assessment to see how much we had learned. We have started doing measurement and have been using metre sticks and rulers around the classroom. We finished our science work with a crazy experiment to see how much we could stretch stuff before it breaks. It’s called the tensile strength. And of course we had a test on the activotes to see how well we had worked with all our science stuff we had done.  We also did keep fit, had more rugby coaching and we were outside to do some first club golf coaching. In art we drew some wax buildings and then folded the paper over to get a mirror image and then painted both sides differently so it looked like a reflection. Cool or what! And there is even time to squeeze in Red Nose day tomorrow.

P5 Blogging Team