It’s Our First Week In P5

Hi everyone reading this. We have been really busy this week. We have been painting superheroes in the style of Picasso. That means we muddled up all their faces and they look a little bit funny. But we are really pleased with them. We all really enjoyed creating our own superheroes on the laptops. We used a new programme to pick costumes and equipment and make them as we wanted. We also had to design a side-kick for them but this wasn’t on the computer and wasn’t so much fun. We have been singing loud (really loud) because it was our singing practice and doing skipping. It was better than we thought because we could do different styles of skipping. We have got our group reading books and our AR books. We have a class AR target and our own AR targets. If we get the targets we will get a special prize.

Cameron B, Alex & Tom

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  1. charles young says:

    The Picasso pictures were particularly good.

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