Another busy week!

We have been just as busy this week. We have had our first proper spelling and cursive handwriting lessons. Everybody did well in the spelling test although writing the words with our wrong hand was tricky! We also started to learn how to write fantasy stories. In maths we have been carrying on with reading the time. Minutes past is OK but minutes to is a bit tricky. We have learned some new skipping activities, we have watched Mr Grasshead grow his hair and started our yearbook with photos of things we have been doing. It was funny when we had to be farm animals and find the rest of the animals. When we found the other animals in our group that meant they were in our cooperative group. In art we had to imagine what superheros would have looked like as kids and painted silhouettes of them. And in ICT we created our Comiclife superhero comics. And we had the elections for the pupil council and the citizenship group. A busy week all right.

By the blogging team – Alex, Cameron D, Cameron B & Oliver S


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4 Responses to Another busy week!

  1. sheila weatherhead says:

    Phew !… certainly have had a busy busy week

  2. Stephen Bell says:

    Sounds like P5 have had a busy week. Enjoyed Mr Cain’s ice bucket challenge! I look forward to the blogging teams update next week.

  3. April Clark says:

    P5 is seemingly ‘awesome’!! Well done on your ice bucket challenge Mr Cain. Look forward to next weeks update!

  4. Cameron D says:

    Our bat walk was awesome!!! We learned lots about bats like they eat 2to3 thousand bugs a night and only weigh the same as a 2pence coin WOW!!!!!

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