Flashing Blades & Freezing Buckets

The best two bits of this week were the fencing and the ice bucket challenge. In the fencing we got to put on the proper masks and we got to use the proper swords, not just the foam ones. We were shown how to hold the swords (called foils) and how to move. We also got shown how to defend with the sword and lunge. It was very hot in the helmets but it was great fun. The other best bit was when Mr Cain did the ice bucket challenge because lots of us nominated him. It was Olivers last day at school so it was special treat for him too. We all got to help with a bucket so we all helped soak our teacher with icy water.  If you want to see the video of Mr Cain doing the ice bucket challenge click here.

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8 Responses to Flashing Blades & Freezing Buckets

  1. Alex Donaldson says:

    I’ve been showing my mum what great fun we’ve been having in P5. She is impressed with our blog and pictures. Alex

  2. Krista Clubb says:

    Looks like everyone had fun helping with the ice bucket challenge – glad to see plenty of Ice too!!! Brrrr

  3. Val and Michael Kennedy says:

    Looking forward to your blog each week…especially the pictures. P5 looks like great fun!

    The Fencing was amazing!
    I also loved the ice bucket challenge.

  4. Stephen Bell says:

    Sounds like P5 have been busy. Well done to Mr Cain on his ice bucket challenge. I look forward to the blogging teams update next week.

  5. April Clark says:

    P5 is seemingly ‘awesome’!! Well done on the ice bucket challenge Mr Cain. Look forward to next weeks update!

  6. Alan Weatherhead says:

    Some budding Musketeers there! P5 looks great fun. I’m going to jack in my job, look out my shorts and cap, and join the P5 line-up each morning!

  7. Sarah Rowson says:

    It appears that Isabella lost her arm doing fencing (just check out the picture!) but clearly Mr Cain is a whizz with the superglue and stuck it back on!
    Well done with the ice bucket, Mr Cain! Along the same vein, big brother Guy remembers throwing a bucket of water over you at P7 camp years ago and you pushed him in the shower fully clothed! Happy days!

  8. Amara says:

    yes the fenceing was grate fun.


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