A New Face For P5

P5 had an exciting end to the week with the appearance of Mr Stewart. Mr Stewart will be coming in to help with all the work P5 have lined up for the next 5 weeks. In fact, it was so exciting Mr Cain forgot to get the blogging team to write up this weeks events. Doh!!         So what have we being doing this week? In maths we have looked at am\pm times and how time zones work across Europe. We even got to try cool computer “time” games. In writing, we have finished looking at different elements found in fantasy writing and have planned our story for next week. In our topic work on Europe, we put together the timeline of the EU and looked at what the EU actually does. We also started looking at different famous European painters and we learned about Piet Mondrian the Dutch painter who was famous for using straight lines and primary colours. We created pictures like his. A  highlight of the week was definitely meeting Alex Marshall, the Commonwealth gold medal lawn bowler, and getting to hold his medal!! Another one was singing with Sheila Payne from the National Youth Choir of Scotland. We also had fun outside trying to use our senses while blindfolded and we finished our skipping sessions with some group activities.




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  1. Karen McKnight says:

    Looks like lots of fun while learning. Love all the photos.

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