It’s Batty In P5

This week we have been doing all sorts of things in P5. The best part of the whole week was the bat walk after school on Wednesday. we all came back to school at 7.30pm and had a walk through the woods in the complete dark to see if we could see any bats. We had bat detectors that could hear them making noises and we could shine our torches up and see them in the sky.  We also built spaghetti and jelly baby towers in our cooperative teams which was messy but a lot of fun. In art we learned how to sketch inventions like Leonardo Da Vinci and in writing we learned about nouns (boring) and we wrote our fantasy stories which took a long while. In maths we finished learning about time and played 24hr dominoes which was great! We also started to make props and things for our class assembly and learned how the European parliament worked to make decisions.

Rachel & Tom.

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2 Responses to It’s Batty In P5

  1. Michael k says:

    Mr Stewart has been very helpful because he was helping me to do my work
    And understand words that I didn’t understand
    Michael =)

  2. sheila weatherhead says:

    Enjoying your blog P5

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