A European Showcase and other things

We have been coming towards the end of our European topic and we have been working in our co-operative groups to make a showcase of what we have learned about different countries to give to Primary 4. We all worked together in our groups to find out different sections and then put that into a presentation. Mr Cain marked us on how well we stuck to our social goal, how well we worked together and how well we gave our feedback, while the P4’s decided which was the most interesting showcase to listen to.

The other things we did this week were maths and our first run through of our class assembly. In our Outdoor Ed we had a nature walk through the woods trying to think of questions that we could ask the ranger. We also learned all about Sikh weddings and designed our own Henna patterns. In our circle time we talked about how we felt when people called us names.


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  1. Val Kennedy says:

    Wow..another busy week…didn’t realise you did the showcase. Well done to you all =)

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