Our Europe Assessment and Art In The Woods

It was another busy week in P5. We finished of our Europe topic and had a test to see how much we had learned. But it wasn’t a written test. To our surprise we got shown how to use the “activexpression” controllers. They look like mobile phones or remote controls though. They are so cool. We had pick an answer from A,B, C, or D, true or false questions, type in word answers or type in number type questions. It was awesome. And even better was when we discovered today that everyone had passed. Yepee! Mr Cain was very pleased with us all.  And the other main thing we did this week was going out into the woods to make some transient art. Just like John Muir did lots of years ago. We had to create pictures made out of materials we found lying about the woods like leaves, moss, twigs, conkers etc. In the end there was a sword, a house, a rainbow, a tree with nest, a snowman and a Christmas tree. We had to hurry back to school for the school photos though.

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