Opal Study – Tree Health

Well its been another busy week.  We have learned about different roles we can have in reading like the summariser and predictor and others. We also made book reviews of our favourite books and read a biography of John Muir. We used special effect of painting watery paper to create some flower paintings. In maths we have been continuing to learn more about fractions and have been using mathletics which was fun. We have started Hinduism and learned about the different gods. We even got to play top trumps with them. We started our 4 weeks with dance with Mr Cain. It was doing doing the dance moves and getting to use the ipad to make the special effects.  In our Outdoor Ed we did a proper science survey of how healthy the tress were in an OPAL survey. We had to answer lots of questions and take lots of measurements. And today it was Children In Need so we got to dress up in our pyjamas – hurrah!!

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