Nearly December but still working hard!

This week has been really busy. Since we had been learning all about the different parts of a flower in our John Muir topic, we made our versions of Van Gogh sunflowers in art. In language we worked on adjectives, using a  thesaurus to help us come up with different words. It was fun cutting up sentences and putting in adjectives to change the story from scary to happy and then to funny. During our brain break we did some exercises – they were tough! In maths we made some fraction colour wheels. We painted different segments of a circle in different colours and had to work out what fraction of the circles were made up of the colours we had chosen. We put the finishing touches to our large Hindu mandir (temple) and in groups researched different aspects of Hinduism. We even started our Christmas hall display poster – we are doing festive robins this year. And today we were outside in the woods making up keep fit routines for other groups to try. It was a bit wet and muddy so we had to be careful. But we managed to have fun, do some exercise and avoid anyone falling over. It was a good afternoon.

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  1. I liked testing all the materials to see how strong they are.
    i thought the results would be different than the final results.

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