P5 Visit The Glasgow Science Centre

Yesterday P5 visited the Glasgow Science Centre to see if we could find out some of the answers to questions we had discovered during our science topic.

I learned how our muscles moved when we do things every day – Mara

I learned my stomach isn’t in my middle. Its at the left side – Chloe

I learned that magnets can suck up some liquids – Cameron B

I learned how to extract my DNA and what it looks like – Angus

I learned my small intestine is 6m long – Carys

I learned what shape my DNA is – Cailean

I saw how much electricity I could make in the hamster wheel – Anastasia

I learned how fast sound travels – Rebecca

I learned about different types of poo – Cameron D

I learned about smoking and how it affects your lungs – Rachel.

I liked learning there because its fun – Alex

It’s hands-on and fun – Amara

Its good to learn at the Glasgow Science Centre because you can do the experiments yourself – Morgan


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