Weaving, guitars and back in the water

It’s been another jam packed week. In PE we have been doing gymnastics with Mrs Clapperton and going over jumping and balancing with Mr Cain. In writing we have finished our block on writing instructions. It was funny watching Mr Cain trying to make a sandwich while he followed our instructions on what to do. In maths we are getting to the end of decimals and we did some work on mathletics and played some maths games. In science we made guitar boxes to test how we could change the tone of a sound and in art we learned to do some weaving as we learned about complimentary and analogous colours. We even got to be the trial audience for P7s assembly dress rehearsal. It was really funny and we think the P7 parents will really enjoy it. And during our outdoor ed we went to do the OPAL study for water quality. We got a bit wet but we managed to complete the study looking at the pH and the clarity of the water and the amount of bugs living in the water. We are real scientists now!

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  1. Max says:

    Wow that was fun going in the river.It feels good when you catch something that lives in the river

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