Indian Music & Litter Pick Up

Well, we’re back after our holidays. And it’s back to the work (boo). In maths we have working on money and doing activities on mathletics. In writing we have started to learn about creating characters and in art we produced some straw made paintings. In science we tested different solids for squeezing and we learned the differences between solids, liquids and gases. We also finished off our lessons on “Cool In School” so we should be better at not falling out with each other. We have started finding out about Fairtrade with our joint cafe with P1/2 coming up next Friday. Once we had learned a bit about Fairtrade we worked with the P1/2 class to help them understand what it was about. Two musicians came into school and put on a performance of Indian inspired music. We were lucky enough to get a workshop with them afterwards to learn all about the instruments and how to make that type of music. It was great. And we also did more for our John Muir award by going out on a litter pick up through the woods and beside the river to help conserve (that means look after) a bit of nature.

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  1. Rachel Young says:

    Litter pickup boring!!!

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