It’s always busy in P5

We thought it might be a bit quieter this week after our school visit and fairtrade cafe last week. However it wasn’t. In maths we finished our work on money and had a mathletics assessment to see how much we had learned. We have started doing measurement and have been using metre sticks and rulers around the classroom. We finished our science work with a crazy experiment to see how much we could stretch stuff before it breaks. It’s called the tensile strength. And of course we had a test on the activotes to see how well we had worked with all our science stuff we had done.  We also did keep fit, had more rugby coaching and we were outside to do some first club golf coaching. In art we drew some wax buildings and then folded the paper over to get a mirror image and then painted both sides differently so it looked like a reflection. Cool or what! And there is even time to squeeze in Red Nose day tomorrow.

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5 Responses to It’s always busy in P5

  1. Cailean Clubb says:

    I liked the golf and the experiment we did with the bucket and string and the other stuff. Cailean

  2. ALEX says:

    Liked the textile strength experiment

  3. Rachel Young says:

    I liked doing the paintings even though it went wrong

  4. Isabella Rowson says:

    I liked doing the testing of all the different types of strings, wool, twine, dental floss and thread in science. I thought it was good fun.

  5. Oliver Bonnington says:

    I really enjoyed the science test, sport and art we have done. It was a shame the art never came out how i wanted it. I also got my new grip for my pencil which is helping my handwriting.

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