A Word From The Expert, Sunlight Photography and Richard the Ranger In One Week! Phew!

Goodness it was another busy week with loads crammed in. It started well because the whole class won an award from Mrs McCall (and everybody got badges) for being se well behaved during the gorge walking the week before. In maths we finished of our work on area and perimeter by doing some real examples out in the garden. Then we moved onto patterns and sequences and in language we have been continuing with reading “The Hobbit”. We are just up to where the first movie finished. In our Scots topic we had to work out which famous Scot was famous for what thing. It was harder than it sounds. But also this week we had in Stuart who told us (and P7) all about Biodiversity and then on Thursday we went out in the woods with Richard the Ranger to put the theory to a practical test and we explored sections of the woods for plants, trees and minibeasts. On Wednesday we also had in Hannah who showed us how to make photographs out of just solar paper and sunlight. We got to make up our designs (the art bit) and then produce and develop the photos (the science bit). And in our cycling we started to learn about starting and stopping safely on our bikes.


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