Primary 6 Democracy

Our democracy project has been a great success!

The class were split into 3 parties based on 6 local issues:

  • We should add goals at Trevelyan Park.
  • We should build wind turbines in the village.
  • We should move the sewerage plant.
  • We need more litter bins.
  • We should build an outside gym.
  • We should add a gaming room to Trevelyan Hall.

Each party created their own manifesto stating their position on the 6 issues and putting them in order of priority.  Here are their manifestos:


They then created a leaflet and a poster to advertise their policies to the voters – P5 and P7:


The final piece of election material was a party election broadcast:

On the day of the election each party candidate delivered a speech to the voters followed by a short question and answer session.  The voters then voted.

For our election we chose a single transferrable voting system.

The winners of the P6 election are The Welfare Party.

Well done to everyone!

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  1. Kate Heggie says:

    These are great! Very well considered arguments and policies, clearly communicated! Well done P6.

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