Making our own News Reports

Before Christmas we researched what makes up a news report and found the following:

  • Anchor – in the studio links the items together.
  • Reporter – voice to camera usually from the scene.
  • Eye witnesses and expert witnesses.
  • Voiceover – speaking over a video supporting the story.

With this in mond, we wrote and filmed our own news reports.

The plan was to edit them in January using Adobe Spark.  However, due to lockdown, this didn’t happen until recently.  We hope you enjoy them!

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African Drumming and Dance Session 1

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Final of P6 Balloon Debate

Last week we had the first round of our balloon debates in which Bob, Albert Einstein, David Attenborough, Bill Murray, Notch, Michael Rosen, William Afton, Elizabeth Afton, Scar and Sandy Toksvig were all voted out of the balloon. Today was the final:

The final order was:

6. Jennifer Aniston
5. Elon Musk
4. Michelle Obama
3. Ali A
2. Jack Whitehall

and our winner was …. Vladimir Putin!

This was certainly a fun way to end our democracy project.

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Primary 6 Democracy

Our democracy project has been a great success!

The class were split into 3 parties based on 6 local issues:

  • We should add goals at Trevelyan Park.
  • We should build wind turbines in the village.
  • We should move the sewerage plant.
  • We need more litter bins.
  • We should build an outside gym.
  • We should add a gaming room to Trevelyan Hall.

Each party created their own manifesto stating their position on the 6 issues and putting them in order of priority.  Here are their manifestos:


They then created a leaflet and a poster to advertise their policies to the voters – P5 and P7:


The final piece of election material was a party election broadcast:

On the day of the election each party candidate delivered a speech to the voters followed by a short question and answer session.  The voters then voted.

For our election we chose a single transferrable voting system.

The winners of the P6 election are The Welfare Party.

Well done to everyone!

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Loose Parts Play in P6


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Merry Christmas from Primary 6


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World War 2 – The War at Home

Primary 6 researched, wrote, rehearsed and performed this as part of our project on World War 2.

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The River of Life

As part of our resilience work, Primary 6 have been thinking about the River of Life:

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This artwork was inspired by a postcard from Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire.  Everyone made their own houses and these were combined into a wall display.

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Anti-Bullying Posters

Here are some of our anti-bullying posters:

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