Remembrance Day

P5, P6 and P7 all made poppies which were combined to make this display in the upper area.

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Watercolour Artwork

Here are a few examples of the watercolours we’ve done recently:

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Beasts of the Sea

These paper cuts were inspired by the work of Henri Matisse.  Later in his life, ill health prevented Matisse from painting.  For his paper cuts he cut out coloured paper freehand and stuck them to a background.  That is what we did using his work ‘Beasts of the Sea’ for inspiration.

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Primary 5 2019-20 Lockdown

Below is the short video I shared in the hangout this morning for anyone who missed it (or wants to see it again).

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Rubber Ball Keeps Bouncing Back To Me

It’s not rubber but it does come bouncing back to me!

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Filmmaking in P5

Since Christmas we have been making films in P5.  We started by looking at the different genres of film.  From this we came up with as many ideas as we could.  The class then split into groups with each group choosing an idea and developing a screenplay.  This lead on to finding filming locations, choosing a cast, sourcing costumes and props and rehearsing before finally filming.

We were going to share these with parents and guardians at an assembly after Easter. However, as this will not now happen, here they are.

Get out the popcorn and enjoy!

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RSNO Workshop

Colin and Duncan from the RSNO were in school today giving us a workshop all about music, musical instruments and the orchestra.

A great time was had ball all.  We are looking forward to hearing the full orchestra in a few weeks.

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Colour Mixing and Matching

We have been mixing colours to find out what happened. We then used what we found out to match colours.

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P5 Create Their Own Scottish Dances

P5 have been creating their own scottish dances.  You can see what they came up with here:

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The Handbag – Worldwide Launch

The eagerly anticipated launch of the animated classic ‘The Handbag’ has finally happened and we are pleased to be able to share it to with you here…

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