Wildlife Test Movies By Lois Black

Yesterday a man called Jonathan Charles came into P5,6 and7 to do some filming. We did not actually any filming we just made a test film to see what and how we would make our real film.

We showed Jonathan a list wich had ten things that make a good film but when we tried to get the list that we made another day it was not saved so we had to make a new one. This time Jonathan helped us to come up with some new ones.

Then after that it was time to make our test films. So we got in our groups and started to get to work. At the end we went in partners an we got five sticky notes each of two colours they were pink and green for tickled pink and green for growth. Then we all watched the new and amazing films. John watched the films as well and then gave us tips. Those tips really helped for our real films.

Everyone is really exited to start our real films and have the movie night to see who’s film are we sending to the competition.

We all thank Jonathan for coming in and helping us with our filming in all  of our classes and we hope he is there to see our real films on the special night that we all have been waiting for.


New Movies By Anna

A man called Jonathan came into P5 , P6 and P7 to look at our test films (The nature films)

Jonathan talked to us how we could improve our first test films so we took his advice and made a complete new test movie. We compared the first test movie to the second test movie.

Jonathan gave us a tickled Pink and a Green for Growth (things he liked about the movie and things we could improve)

At the start we made on the white board Top 10 things to make a great movie

  1. Text (Design , information , spelling and vocab)
  2. Soundtrack (Music and voice over)
  3. Different Media (Photos , Videos etc.)
  4. Transitions (Animation)
  5. Editing (Clip length , snappy or reassuring)
  6. Opening and End Credits
  7. Imagery (Clear ,background ,Colour and composition)
  8. Graphics
  9. Production (Teamwork)
  10. Content (Interesting information and smooth flow

Everyone is really excited to start our real films next week and who is going to send the real one to the COMPETITION!!

we all thank Jonathan for teaching us how to edit and how to make a actual movie and hope he comes to the movie night .



Jonathan Charles Blog Post! By Harris and Elliot!!

On Tuesday 21th march Jonathan Charles came into class and gave us tips for good movies  and ideas for our nature movies and he watched our test films and said what’s good and stuff that could be improved and we wrought down on pink and green sticky notes as well green for growth (what can be improved) and tickled pink (good movie) we worked in 3s-4s and made FANTASTIC movies some of the tips we got are these Text, soundtrack, Different media, Transitions, Editing, Opening, Imagery, Graphics, production, Content, there are 10 words! Jonathan Charles asked us questions and those words we just  told you were the answer.   

a visit from Jonathon Charles (not the news reporter)by Thomas

Jonathan Charles our expert in movies came in to evaluate (look over) and make new test movie. The new drafts had shown we have made progress in our movie . We shall be working on our real films next week. You can visit Jonathan at his website MOVING IMAGES EDUCATION he gave us things to work on  basically pinks and greens we made a top ten tips for a great movie basically the TTTFGM  The tips are in these following messages

10. Content (interesting info smooth flow)

9. Production (team work )


7. Imagery (clear background, colour, composition)

6. Opining and end credits

5. Editing (clip length, snappy or reassuring)

4.Transition (animations)

3.Different (photos, videos and more)

2.Soundtrack (music, voice-over)

1.Text (design, info, spelling, vocab)

A man came in called Jonathan Charles he was helping us with our movies!

P7,P6 and P5 are doing the movie project. He came in do look at our practise movies and give us tips to make them snappy, better , more eye catching for people to watch and It worked. We will start our real movies next week. There is going to a movie night and all the parents will come and look at the all the movies from the classes and decide on one from each class. Then  be a winner from each class then when there is a winners from P6 P7 P5 then all three will enter the competition and hope-fully one of the classes will win! Lots of credits to Jonathan!!!

Wildlife By Abbie

Hello this is Abbie On Tuesday  Jonathan   came in to our school to help us with movie making or our wildlife films. so we had a little start in my group. I had James ,Martha ,Ben all of us worked as a group .  We done  movie making and it was ok and after all of that we watch each others movie and done some sticky notes. Done  all of then but we did not do our groups one because we could say it was good. We done a green and a pink.P6 and p7 were in it too.  


Jonathan Charles Film Making Visit By Lucy & Martha

On the 21st of March 2017 Jonathon Charles  (a film making expert) came in to help/talk to  us about our film making project. We had already made films but we wanted to get some tips for our real films!

Here are the tips we talked about:

1.     Text-design, Info, Spelling, VOCAB

2.    Soundtrack-music, voice-over

3.   Different media-photo, videos. ECT

4.   Transitions-animations.

5.  Editing-clip length, snappy or reassuring

6.  Graphics.

We then made new test films and tried to use the tips Jonathan gave us! Then we  watched them over- SO EXCITING!!!

We had to give other groups a tickled pink and a green for growth. Jonathon also told us how good they were and if we had used his AMAZING TIPS!!! Tickled pink is good things and green for growth is not bad things but still is things we need to work on. We think it was really fun. MIXING WILDLIFE AND FILM MAKING IS SOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


By Lucy Agarwala and Martha Blacklock!!!!!


P5 are making a WILDLIFE DOCUMENTRY it’s all about wildlife you might find in Aberlady  and in our Wood at our school  

Jonathan (our film expert) is teaching us and Mrs Craig to make a better film.He said your clips should be short and snappy with a smooth flow. Then we made a movie from the clips so far. My group was Harris and Oscar we had ten clips and it was only 36 seconds. He also gave us 10 tips about film making: Text, Soundtrack, Different media, Transitions, Editing Clips, Opening and end credits, Imagery, Graphics, Production, Content.