Carrion Crow By Lucy Agarwala

My  bird is a Carrion Crow. It is all black, even it’s legs, bill and eyes! It is very fast to collect food. They are also known as Car Crow and a Flesh Crow.

We are researching birds, so in the future, we can tell all the birds apart. we all chose different birds to research. Birds are so cool.

I chose the Carrion Crow because it is hard to identify to other black birds, I also wanted to find out more things about birds that look like my bird.

The Carrion Crow eats dead things like, flesh, smaller birds, eggs, nestlings, small crabs, frogs, acorns, apples, earthworms and lastly seeds of grain.

Sometimes it will carry up small shelled animals  or fruit, and drop them on hard ground to open them.

They are mostly found on farmland and heaths, but a few tamer ones in town parks.

The Carrion Crow is one of natures dustmen!

They are not found in Ireland or Western Scotland.

I will show you a picture now.

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