a visit from Jonathon Charles (not the news reporter)by Thomas

Jonathan Charles our expert in movies came in to evaluate (look over) and make new test movie. The new drafts had shown we have made progress in our movie . We shall be working on our real films next week. You can visit Jonathan at his website MOVING IMAGES EDUCATION he gave us things to work on  basically pinks and greens we made a top ten tips for a great movie basically the TTTFGM  The tips are in these following messages

10. Content (interesting info smooth flow)

9. Production (team work )


7. Imagery (clear background, colour, composition)

6. Opining and end credits

5. Editing (clip length, snappy or reassuring)

4.Transition (animations)

3.Different (photos, videos and more)

2.Soundtrack (music, voice-over)

1.Text (design, info, spelling, vocab)

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