New Movies By Anna

A man called Jonathan came into P5 , P6 and P7 to look at our test films (The nature films)

Jonathan talked to us how we could improve our first test films so we took his advice and made a complete new test movie. We compared the first test movie to the second test movie.

Jonathan gave us a tickled Pink and a Green for Growth (things he liked about the movie and things we could improve)

At the start we made on the white board Top 10 things to make a great movie

  1. Text (Design , information , spelling and vocab)
  2. Soundtrack (Music and voice over)
  3. Different Media (Photos , Videos etc.)
  4. Transitions (Animation)
  5. Editing (Clip length , snappy or reassuring)
  6. Opening and End Credits
  7. Imagery (Clear ,background ,Colour and composition)
  8. Graphics
  9. Production (Teamwork)
  10. Content (Interesting information and smooth flow

Everyone is really excited to start our real films next week and who is going to send the real one to the COMPETITION!!

we all thank Jonathan for teaching us how to edit and how to make a actual movie and hope he comes to the movie night .



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