Wildlife Test Movies By Lois Black

Yesterday a man called Jonathan Charles came into P5,6 and7 to do some filming. We did not actually any filming we just made a test film to see what and how we would make our real film.

We showed Jonathan a list wich had ten things that make a good film but when we tried to get the list that we made another day it was not saved so we had to make a new one. This time Jonathan helped us to come up with some new ones.

Then after that it was time to make our test films. So we got in our groups and started to get to work. At the end we went in partners an we got five sticky notes each of two colours they were pink and green for tickled pink and green for growth. Then we all watched the new and amazing films. John watched the films as well and then gave us tips. Those tips really helped for our real films.

Everyone is really exited to start our real films and have the movie night to see who’s film are we sending to the competition.

We all thank Jonathan for coming in and helping us with our filming in all  of our classes and we hope he is there to see our real films on the special night that we all have been waiting for.


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