A man came in called Jonathan Charles he was helping us with our movies!

P7,P6 and P5 are doing the movie project. He came in do look at our practise movies and give us tips to make them snappy, better , more eye catching for people to watch and It worked. We will start our real movies next week. There is going to a movie night and all the parents will come and look at the all the movies from the classes and decide on one from each class. Then  be a winner from each class then when there is a winners from P6 P7 P5 then all three will enter the competition and hope-fully one of the classes will win! Lots of credits to Jonathan!!!

Wildlife By Abbie

Hello this is Abbie On Tuesday  Jonathan   came in to our school to help us with movie making or our wildlife films. so we had a little start in my group. I had James ,Martha ,Ben all of us worked as a group .  We done  movie making and it was ok and after all of that we watch each others movie and done some sticky notes. Done  all of then but we did not do our groups one because we could say it was good. We done a green and a pink.P6 and p7 were in it too.  


Jonathan Charles Film Making Visit By Lucy & Martha

On the 21st of March 2017 Jonathon Charles  (a film making expert) came in to help/talk to  us about our film making project. We had already made films but we wanted to get some tips for our real films!

Here are the tips we talked about:

1.     Text-design, Info, Spelling, VOCAB

2.    Soundtrack-music, voice-over

3.   Different media-photo, videos. ECT

4.   Transitions-animations.

5.  Editing-clip length, snappy or reassuring

6.  Graphics.

We then made new test films and tried to use the tips Jonathan gave us! Then we  watched them over- SO EXCITING!!!

We had to give other groups a tickled pink and a green for growth. Jonathon also told us how good they were and if we had used his AMAZING TIPS!!! Tickled pink is good things and green for growth is not bad things but still is things we need to work on. We think it was really fun. MIXING WILDLIFE AND FILM MAKING IS SOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


By Lucy Agarwala and Martha Blacklock!!!!!


P5 are making a WILDLIFE DOCUMENTRY it’s all about wildlife you might find in Aberlady  and in our Wood at our school  

Jonathan (our film expert) is teaching us and Mrs Craig to make a better film.He said your clips should be short and snappy with a smooth flow. Then we made a movie from the clips so far. My group was Harris and Oscar we had ten clips and it was only 36 seconds. He also gave us 10 tips about film making: Text, Soundtrack, Different media, Transitions, Editing Clips, Opening and end credits, Imagery, Graphics, Production, Content.  



Nature Reserve Interview With John Harrison By Olivia


On Tuesday 14th March John Harrison, our local nature reserve ranger came into the school to help us with our wonderful wildlife documentary.

The question I asked was: Have you ever been bitten/attacked by an animal you have found? the answer was: No I have only been bitten by a dog before.





Otters In Aberlady !!!

Hello im Lotte!! On  Tuesday 14th of March John Harrison our local nature reserve ranger came into the school to answer some of our questions to help us with our research! for our wonderful wildlife documentary,now I will be telling you about it!

I asked john how many otters are there and he said one but he got that on camera. I also asked him what’s the most exciting animal you found. He answered saying he was walking and he heard a splash and he turned back and it was two otters splashing in a puddle!!How cute!! #Adorable


Then I asked him where would you find a fox and have you ever got a fox on camera before? He caught 5 foxes and said you would find Foxes on paths. That’s me down for this week!! #Bye bye!!!

Wonderful Wildlife Interview By Evie

On Tuesday 14th of March John our local ranger came in to be asked a few of our questions to help us to do research for our WONDERFUL WILDLIFE documentary!

My question was “where do barn owl live and how to find them?” He said”, They roost  up in trees, barn and in the village. They make a screechy noise  as well. He has seen one once”! Also he told us the females go twit and the males go twoo.

#barnowls #fun #ranger


Questions To Quake The Earth By Martha

On Tuesday 14th March 2017 John Harrison, our local Nature Reserve Ranger. Came in to answer a lot of questions to help us with our research for our wonderful wildlife Documentary.

My question was ‘how long do animals stay in front of the Camera for?’ He said it depends on what type of food you put in, for example; Nuts, seeds, bread,  peanut butter- but what ever you put in it you HAVE to read the package to make sure there is no salt in the package, because salt can harm birds/animals. Also strange things make them stay- for example if there was a tub of butter on your bedroom floor you would  stay there and wonder what it was doing there.

Thank you for listing! Hope you learned something new!!!

By Martha P5