Blue Tit Information By Lotte

Hi im Lotte I will be telling you about Blue Tits!

What length is a Blue Tit? You have come to the right place to find out! A Blue Tit is 11.5cm!!!!Blue tits are mostly found in woods. We have put lots of food out in the wood of wonder so we can catch the birds on camera. (They’re very Feathery!)

In winter some become quiet tame. Blue tits nest in small holes. Gold crests are another kind of tit. blue tits have yellow breasts , blue top head blue-brown wings and brown and white face. Male tits are brown. We are researching blue tits (birds) because we want to know more about birds I chose Blue Tits because I want to find more about Blue tits.

We are researching birds because at the start we didn’t know which bird is which so we decided to find out what bird is which ! I hope you have learnt more about Birds identification.


Welcome to the Primary 5 webpage about our exciting wildlife project.
John Harrison, our local ranger asked us to take part in a very special project and competition which is being run by The Scottish Heritage Society.

They have asked us to use a special camera trap in our local area to create a 3 minute documentary about wildlife we find in the area.

This website will document everything we do towards this exciting project.