Edubuzz and Edubuzz Apps Learning

The P6s have been learning how to post items to the P6 Blog and how to use Edubuzz/Google Apps. Mr McEwan has been dong this with them and these are skills they can use at home as each child has a user name and password to use with both of these.

In class this week we have/will be reviewing our work to see if we are able to do the following:


1. I can send and receive an email on Edubuzz.
2. I can create a new Document and Presentation
3. I can use the spellcheck.
4. I can share a document (we may be doing more on this)


1. I can log on to the Edubuzz Network
2. I can create a post for the P6 Blog.
3. I can update my status on the Edubuzz Network page.


I have/am able to log on to my Google Apps account at home/out of school.

P6 Trip To Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth was very fun.

My favourite part of Dynamic Earth was the pet rock thing. WE got given a Rock and we had to describe what it looked like. It was really fun. Mine and my groups rock was a glossy Black one.

Before that we went on a trip around Dynamic Earth. There was a time travel elevator and it was really cool because it took you back in time like past the world war 2 and world war 1 and Churchill.
After that we went into an Icecave with a REAL icelump in it. It was all about Antartica and Penguins and all the animals that lived there.

There was loads of stuff to do at dynamic Earth and I really enjoyed it.

A special thanks to the teachers of P6 & Dynamic Earth for arranging to take the year group.

By Ailish.B Edied  By Cameron.B