Hockey Taster Session

On Monday the 3rd of November, P6 did a hockey training session. First we got changed and went out onto the field. The coach was called Fiona. Then we played a warm up game called chaos tig. After that we got a hockey stick and learned how to hold the stick and its parts. Then Fiona got some cones and formed a square on the field and we got a ball and practised moving the ball with the hockey stick. After that we got into groups and moved the team leaders ball to the cone in front of each team and come back. Then we did the same to a second cone behind the first cone. After that we did races to the second cone and back. It was so fun so far! then, everyone went behind a cone on the outside of the square and Fiona took away the remaining cones, then got numbered. Fiona told us where we go. It was a match. Fiona called a number from one to ten and the numbers played and the ball goes in the opposite goal. That was only singles. Then Fiona called two numbers and the game was now doubles. Then sadly the hockey training finished. Fiona invited us to a hockey tournament and Mr Kingsbury said yes! Everyone was happy.

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  1. alina popa says:

    that must be fun, great job p6. are you doing more hockey

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