Buddy Visit

P7A enjoyed a visit from their P1 buddies today. P1’s created some very scary masks with a little help from their buddy!

Happy Halloween everyone!

P7 VE Day Celebration

To round off our World War II topic we are planning a VE Day Celebration on Wednesday 4th November.

We are keen to give our P7 pupils the chance to come up with a plan and run the event as much as possible on their own. We have a VE Day Committee with one pupil per P7 class: Jack T (P7A), Poppy F (P7B), Alex P (P7C) & Ellie D (P7D).

They have already gathered in lots of ideas from the four P7 classes and have a rough plan in place.


Children are encouraged to come to school dressed in WWII related clothing, e.g. evacuee child, land girl, soldier etc. Teachers dress up too!

We would like to welcome P7 parents, carers & grandparents in to school on this day from 9 – 10.30am for a WWII assembly & to view the children’s wonderful work.

Please see the VE Day Celebration invite and return slip (sent home on Friday 23rd October) for more information. We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Robertson, Mrs Edwards, Miss Eunson, Miss Herkes, Miss Eeles & the VE Day Committee.

More photos from Dounans camp!