First day in P7!

A great first day in P7C! Everyone successfully managed to find where to line up and were all eager to start learning!

To get to know our new home teams we all enthusiastically attempted the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’! Each team was set the task to build a tower using 20 pieces of spaghetti, 90cm of cellotape and 90cm of string. The teams only had 22 minutes to complete the challenge and they had to place their marshmallow at the top of their tower. The tallest, freestanding tower would win the challenge!

Look at the concentration of their faces!

Some of P7’s reflections after the challenge…

‘The spaghetti was so fragile, it snapped every time I touched it!’

‘I thought the marshmallow would be really light so it would be ok on top of our tower but it was too heavy!’

‘Our team came up with four plans but none of them worked!’

Congratulations to Tess, Jared, Adam and Tara who created an impressive tower of 46cm tall! Well done to all of P7C – fantastic teamwork!


2 thoughts on “First day in P7!

  1. Dear Miss Robertson & 7C,

    Your marshmallow tower challenge looked very challenging but a great, fun way to start the new term. Loved the photos.

    I’m Simon, Logan’s dad, and he’s told me how much he’s enjoying learning about the Titanic. He’s already told me an interesting fact about the 4th funnel being a fake which I never knew about. Look forward to more interesting facts.

    Wishing you all a great autumn.

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