P7 Profile

You will have received a letter / e-mail on Friday 23rd September with information about your child’s P7 profile.

As P7 pupils prepare to move from primary to secondary school they will be adding to their personal profile throughout the year.  All pupils have been shown how to access and edit their profile.  Your child now has a username and password and is ready to go!

Their homework task is to sign in (details on the letter) and discuss the profile with someone at home.  This should be done before we leave for P7 Camp on Monday.

If you have any questions about the P7 profile please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Miss Eeles on 01368 860 997.

WWII Rationing – Can You Help?

pic-1Primary 7 WWII Rationing Focus

Primary 7 will be studying rationing as part of their World War Two topic. We will be learning about how rationing affected people’s behaviour and lifestyles at the time and linking this to the present day through a sustainability focus.

We would like to focus on the positives of growing food locally and using this food in everyday life.

Jam makers and bread bakers we need your help! If you (or grandparents) would be willing to come in to school to give a demonstration on how to make homemade jam and /or bread please let your child’s class teacher know by phone (01368 860997) or write a note.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Eunson, Mrs Atkinson, Miss Robertson, Ms Edwards & Miss Hughes

The icy waters of the Atlantic…

P7C have been learning about Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage across the Atlantic. We found out that Titanic did not have enough lifeboats on board to carry all of its passengers when disaster struck on 14th April 1912.

It is very hard to imagine how cold the deep waters of the Atlantic must have been for many of the passengers trying to swim to safety.

P7C got a taster of how cold the water would be by dipping a hand or foot into a bucket of icy water. As you can see from their reactions, they were shocked by how cold it felt. Some managed to stay in the water for 30 seconds.

We discussed how it made them feel.

‘It was like pins and needles stretching across my arm.’

‘My fingers felt like they were going numb’

‘I was scared to wiggle my toes!’

‘I don’t think I would cope in the sea for very long at all if my whole body was that cold!’

‘I can’t believe those poor people had to swim in water that cold!’



P7 Camp Information Pack

All parents & carers should now have received their P7 camp information pack. This includes a consent form (and optional medical form) that must be completed and returned by Monday 12th September. You will also see the kit list attached and pupils have been asked to discuss this with you at home over the weekend.

Thank you for your help with this.

If you have any questions or concerns about camp, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or Miss Eeles at Lochend on 01368 860997.