Primary 7 WWII Assembly & Project Showcase

P7 had a busy day on Friday 11th November!  They dressed up in World War Two clothing (or red, white and blue!) and invited parents, carers and grandparents in to hear all about their topic in assembly.

After the assembly, visitors were invited to view the children’s World War Two projects and ask questions about their learning.

P7 would like to say a big thank you to all the parents, carers & grandparents for coming along to share the day with us!  It was such a wonderful turnout and the children were excited to share their learning with you all.

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P7 World War Two Interviews

The P7 Mentor Group invited local people in to talk about their experience of living during World War Two.  They introduced the visitor, asked a number of questions and organised a whole class Q&A session at the end.

The classes asked really interesting questions and heard some fascinating stories!

Mike Bigden was an evacuee from London during the blitz and saw V2 rockets fly overhead.

Margaret Canon was a child in the countryside during the war. Her dad was a doctor and worked at East Fortune Hospital. She remembers German POWs working on the local farms.

Elspeth was a child during WWII and her family took in evacuees. She saw the blitz of Glasgow and Clydebank from a distance.

May Lowe was 11 years old at the start of WWII and was evacuated.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to our visitors for taking the time to share their memories with us.



World War Two Team Game

P7 have been consolidating their World War Two knowledge by playing a whole class game called ‘Quartermaster General’.  Mr Kilfara (Lucy’s Dad) visited all five classes to play the game with them.  P7 pupils loved the challenge!

The game..

Quartermaster General is a fast-paced game that puts you in command of the major powers of the Second World War. In the game, supply is crucial to keep your armies and navies fighting; destroy your enemies’ supply lines and their forces will surrender!During play, you control one or more countries on either the Axis or Allied team and try to score as many victory points (VPs) for your team as you can through the use of cards or by occupying the starred supply spaces.


P7A and P7C had lots of fun with their P1 buddies on Monday during our spooky Halloween session!