A Busy First Week in P7A

We have had a really busy first week back in P7A. We have participated in lot’s of fun team building activities and  enjoyed sharing a little bit about ourselves with the items we included in “A Bag About Me”

We made very detailed and personalised collage silhouette pictures to show our interests and things that are important in our lives. We each created a Superhero Helper “mini me” for our Senior Student job display and wrote very persuasive letters to Miss Eeles applying for these roles.

Everyone is excited to be learning about the Titanic and pupils in P7A generated many super questions about their new topic. We look forward to exploring these in the coming weeks. 🙂

More photos from Dounans camp!

World of Work Week – Day 3

All Primary 7 pupils enjoyed having more visitors in school today to share the knowledge and skills involved in their professions. A visit from our community police officer Gavin Ross kicked off our morning and later a talk from water scientist Matt. We also had an action packed afternoon learning about hairdressing from Susan and trying out some hair styles on her mannequins. All pupils then learned what it is like to be a teacher from our very own Miss Brown and Staff Nurse Elaine shared her experience and skills with us. She also showed us how to take a pulse and allowed us to use her stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors.



World of Work Week Budgeting Task

P7 thoroughly enjoyed taking on the role as travel agents this morning when they were given the difficult task of booking a holiday to Sydney Australia for the Ramsey family. Their calculation and problem solving skills helped then work out flight dates and prices, group concessions for activities such as the Harbour Bridge climb and car hire fares for certain days of their trip. Matters became more complicated when they had to find accommodation for the family of four, adhering to strict requests of a room with a view and free breakfast. There was also last minute panic when they realised some members of the family needed to update their passports – a costly extra!

All pupils seem to enjoy the challenge and learned the importance of reading the fine print when being faced with various “money saving” offers. Great teamwork P7C! I am very proud of you all103_0328[1] 103_0329 103_0326 103_0325 103_0324 103_0323 103_0312 103_0316 103_0318 103_0311 103_0310 103_0308 103_0329 103_0306