P7 showing off their cheerleading skills during today’s session with Lauren Stalker.

Fantastic effort P7!

P7 Spring Fling!

A great time had by all!!


P7A and P7C had lots of fun with their P1 buddies on Monday during our spooky Halloween session!

P7 Camp Photos

The icy waters of the Atlantic…

P7C have been learning about Titanic’s tragic maiden voyage across the Atlantic. We found out that Titanic did not have enough lifeboats on board to carry all of its passengers when disaster struck on 14th April 1912.

It is very hard to imagine how cold the deep waters of the Atlantic must have been for many of the passengers trying to swim to safety.

P7C got a taster of how cold the water would be by dipping a hand or foot into a bucket of icy water. As you can see from their reactions, they were shocked by how cold it felt. Some managed to stay in the water for 30 seconds.

We discussed how it made them feel.

‘It was like pins and needles stretching across my arm.’

‘My fingers felt like they were going numb’

‘I was scared to wiggle my toes!’

‘I don’t think I would cope in the sea for very long at all if my whole body was that cold!’

‘I can’t believe those poor people had to swim in water that cold!’



First day in P7!

A great first day in P7C! Everyone successfully managed to find where to line up and were all eager to start learning!

To get to know our new home teams we all enthusiastically attempted the ‘Marshmallow Challenge’! Each team was set the task to build a tower using 20 pieces of spaghetti, 90cm of cellotape and 90cm of string. The teams only had 22 minutes to complete the challenge and they had to place their marshmallow at the top of their tower. The tallest, freestanding tower would win the challenge!

Look at the concentration of their faces!

Some of P7’s reflections after the challenge…

‘The spaghetti was so fragile, it snapped every time I touched it!’

‘I thought the marshmallow would be really light so it would be ok on top of our tower but it was too heavy!’

‘Our team came up with four plans but none of them worked!’

Congratulations to Tess, Jared, Adam and Tara who created an impressive tower of 46cm tall! Well done to all of P7C – fantastic teamwork!


P7 Spring Fling!

image image image image image image

P7 Technology Workshop

Yesterday, P7 engaged in an exciting technology workshop run by the Museum of Flight. We started our workshop by discussing of the role of an engineer when designing different parts of an aeroplane. P7 were then set the challenge of working in a team to design a new model drinks trolly for an aeroplane.

There was strict criteria for the trolly, including the length and height. The trolly also needed to be able to hold a fizzy drinks can and survive going down a slope (the idea of turbulence!)

All groups demonstrated fantastic communication and team working skills as well as key measurement skills!

Take a look at the work in progress and the finished results. A big well done to ‘Team Cola’ who were voted by the the rest of the class as the team who constructed the best trolly. A great warm up for learning more about the world of work next week!

P7 Scottish Landscapes

P7 have been studying the Scottish artist, John Bellany. He was a painter, born in Port Seton in East Lothian. His father and grandfather were fishermen in Port Seton and Eyemouth. During the early 1960s, he studied at Edinburgh College of Art and attended the Royal College of Art in London.

Many of Bellany’s famous paintings are inspired by the Scottish Seas and life by the harbour. Bellany painted landscape scenes of both Port Seton and Eyemouth harbours. He also painted protraits of fisherman and woman. Many of his paintings show the colourful countryside of Scotland.

Inspired by his colourful paintings, P7 painted their own harbour landscapes complete with fishing boats. Each finished piece looked very unique with each pupil adding some personal touches.

During this art project, we were also lucky enough to see some of Bellany’s original work. Dylan kindly brought in his Gran’s painting of a fishwife. We also found out that Dylan’s Gran was lucky enough to know John Bellany!

Well done to all the P7 artists. The finished pieces look great!

Christmas Lunch

P7A enjoying their Christmas lunch this afternoon!