Primary 7 Writing Homework

Primary 7 Writing Homework

 Please choose 3 of the following topics to write about.

 The first must be completed by Friday 15th May

The second must be completed by Friday 22nd May

The third must be completed by Friday 29th May

  1. How does the life of your generation differ from that of your grandparents? Explain the differences.  These could include entertainment, food, school, work.
  2. Tell a story from the perspective of a painting in a museum.  For example, why does Mona Lisa not smile?  Why is The Scream screaming? Who is the girl with the pearl earring
  3. Describe each day of the week as if it was a person.
  4. Through a strange set of circumstances, you are being forced to spend the rest of your life as a…


What do you choose?  Why?  Explain your choice.  What do you think your life will be like?  Do you think you will enjoy it?

Think carefully about the quality of your writing.  You should include descriptive language, interesting openers and connectives and accurate punctuation.

 You can get lined paper from your class teacher.

 We look forward to reading your creative writing!