1st Week Back

Well it was our first full week back and we are already working hard !  We got our partner to draw our profile on black card. Then we cut them out and stuck on pictures of things we like. Thinks like our favourite food, colours, TV shows and hobbies. Clothes and celebrities too. to do and things we are interested in to do a collage. We did our first two minute talks.  Mr Cain drew out endangered animals from the two minute talk box and Lois did pets. She talked about her cat Murphy.

We have started our islam project by deciding what we wanted to learn about and getting a talk on their 5 pillars. Mr Cain got out the big parachute and we played a game called “the tornado”. Two people sit in the middle and everyone else walks round and someone shouts 3 2 1 and everyone pulls so the people in the middle go flying. In ICT we went went on the Kingswood website and looked at all the activities. We also used maps and the AA routefinder to work out the best (fastest) route.   We also wrote our first “30 minute wonder”. Mr Cain had stuck a funny photo in our book for us to write about. We also did a spelling test with 50 words to see how good we are at spelling. We will do it again near the end of P7  to see if we get better. We have made our reading logs and are reading our accelerated reader books. Its very quiet when that’s happening.

We have been keeping up on the news with watching CBBC Newsround  at milk time. We think baboons robbing people is funny. We finished the week today by having our first assembly and making targets that we want to achieve in P7.

Sula & Isla


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