Getting Excited About Camp

This weeks all been about getting excited about camp. We found out our dorm groups and we are all in a dorm with a good friend. We also found out our activity groups. Because there are so many of us we are in three groups. We even had a shot of trying to put a cover on a duvet – we have to do that when we are there. In our writing we had to imagine what a great camp might be like and write about that. We will have to write a report on the real camp when we get back and will compare the two bits of writing.

Other fun stuff we did this week :

made van gogh style self portraits, had a tower building competition out  of random stuff, learned new democracy words and what stuff is devolved to the Scottish Government and what is kept (reserved) by the big government. We also had a big debate over things we might want to petition Mrs McCall about. In the end the winning motion was “We should be able to keep a class pet in school”. In maths we were measuring stuff – one group was doing length and the others were doing volume  (it got wet !!). And in drama we were practising being less shy and pretending to be people with different characters like angry, curious, excitable and stuff like that.

Erin & Sula

Here are some photos of our week

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