Back From Camp

Today was our first day back to school from camp. It was the best time ever. We have written reports about camp and made a presentation which we gave to the P6’s about our time there and taught them songs which they liked. We also drew labelled diagrams of the camp, our dorms and our favourite activities there.  Some of us were interviewed by Mrs McCall about P7 jobs in school and we found out later in the week who got the jobs. In French we had to write about sports and in PE we played some hockey games. Something new this week was when Gemma came in and taught us about different types of animation. We started doing stop motion. We split into groups and drew storyboards about a health topic (had to involve mouths !) and then made up characters and backdrop. she will come back sometime and we can do the proper animation bit. We also had all the usual stuff like maths, accel reader and responsibility time. Wish we were back at camp !

Mr Cain says we have to use a different place to load the photos from because our old is still not working. You’ll find them here

Kym & Jack L

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