Animation & 123Sing

The two big stuff we did this week was to do our animations on being healthy. They all had to have a mouth in it though. We finished making the characters and the scenes. We then made the script so everyone knew what they had to say. After that we filmed the animation and had to edit it to make bits bigger so everyone could say their lines at the right time. We then added the sound effects and lines to finish them off. They were really funny.

We also learned the 123sing song for our assembly and sang it to the parents at the end of the day. At the assembly Mr Holden came to school and taught us some funny action songs. We also sang our “Gotta Keep Reading” song which everyone said was very good. We wonder whats on next week ?

Here’s the photos.

Lois & Aaron

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  1. kaitlyn davidson and natasha melrose and our new friend says:

    hiya p7 and mr cain how are uz doing s1 is great …(ross high is the best ) hope uz are all having fun and looking forward to high school

    bye 🙂 xxx

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