Water Cycle

We finished learning about democracy and started learning about the water cycle this week. We made mini water cycles in a jam jar, with rocks, sand, mud, a plant and a tin foil dish of water. We left them on the window edge and saw the water evaporate and condense. Mr Cain taught us all about the water cycle and we cut out steps of the cycle and had to put them in the right order. In art we learned how to use watery paint to make a good picture and we painted a sea scene with lots of shadows. We also started to learn about floating and sinking by sorting out some statements into true and false. Mr Cain showed us that an orange floated but when it was peeled it sank. Its not because the orange gets lighter but because the skin contains air pockets which help it to float when the skin is still on. We’ll be doing more experiments after the holidays. We did all the usual stuff as well this week – accelerated reader, writing, maths and we had a harvest assembly today.

Miriam & Sula.

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  1. That was amazing! I never knew that an orange wouldn’t float if it was pealed!
    from Leejas at St.Mungo

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