Floating & Sinking and WW2

It’s been a really fast week with loads of stuff. We have been rehearsing for our WW2 assembly and making props and invitations for parents. We have also be busy doing floating and sinking experiments. We made different shapes out of plasticene to see if shape made a difference in floating. We also tried to sink different pieces of polystyrene and learned about upthrust. We then made diver men in plastic bottles and tried to work out how they worked. We also did more problem solving and made some water collages. Today we had an assembly (firework safety).

Jack K & Lois

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3 Responses to Floating & Sinking and WW2

  1. joanne dunton says:

    hi p7 looks like you are still all working hard without me
    im not back at work yet had an accident on hols and cut my leg
    miss you all say hi to Jarron and Mr Cain for me thanks

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