WW2 Continued

Our work on World War 2 is  piling up. This week week we have 1) made sad faces of evacuees peering from train windows (with chalk and charcoal) 2) we made gas mask’s out of black card, bubble wrap, polythene and elastic.  3) we did lots of activities to learn about rationing – making ration books, working out rations for a week, making do and mend  4) writing poems about the blitz   5) Making a comiclife ICT comic strip about different bits of the war (some of them are on display at the front of the school  6) We had a practice for  a make do and mend fashion show we are putting on for the school next week – its going to be a lot of fun and 7) We created presentations about Churchill, Hitler and the Royal Family and gave them to the class.

And we still found time to learn about mosques (RME) and coordinates in 4 quadrants (maths)…. and on Friday (today)  it is a PHAT one. Phew – we are exhausted !

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Erin & Layla

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