A message from Mr Cain

Hello P7.  I’m sure by now you are all fed up with snowmen building & snowball fights and are looking forward to seeing me again !! If your house is anything like mine then you will be beginning to run out of essential supplies – chocolate, cake and apple crumble and all because I can’t get to the shops. It reminds me of our recent work on rationing during WW2.  A green mark for anyone who can write me a short story describing what it is been like going without certain things because of the snow.

Don’t forget to keep working on your outfit for the fashion show (which will obviously be postponed until next week now).

And if that’s not enough to keep you going – how about trying some of the following :

  • Make a collage of the scene outside (the upper area reps could add this to their display).
  • Research arctic countries (will be useful to compare to Brazil when we start that topic).
  • Design a second world war uniform that would be useful to wear as camouflage in the snow.
  • Research what happened in the Battle of Stalingrad in WW2.

See you all soon I hope,

Mr Cain

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  1. SpeckledHoglet says:

    Mr Cain said ‘See you all soon I hope’

    Well, I hope not.

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