Erin & Fabian Reporting

This week we had to finish of our WW2 topic.  We had time over the week to complete our personal projects. We sketched evacuees (actually Jack, Abbie & me {Fabian} in our costumes). We also watched a video about the Victory in Europe which showed how the end of the war happened. We discussed the differences between prisoner of war camps and concentration camps. We looked at propoganda and how the governments used it to influence their people. Some of our posters were great. Some of us also made some Anderson shelters (not real ones !). Also this week we learned about muslim weddings and made some henna designs. We watched the p2/3 and p3/4 dress rehearsal of their Xmas show. It was very good. On Thursday we watched the christmas show again because they needed more people to make the audience bigger. It was another busy week. Hopefully we can persuade Mr Cain to give us some Xmas stuff to do next week.

Sorry, no photos this week – another teacher borrowed our camera and we’ve not got it to put on the photos.

Erin & Fabian

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