The Risk Factory

On Thursday we went to the risk factory which is a big building in the middle of Edinburgh. There are lots of rooms and in every room there is a different scenario. It was great fun and most people enjoyed it a lot. We learned lots of new things and we think that next years p7’s will think it is great too. We can’t tell you what we actually did there because you should go for yourselves and get a surprise. But you learn what to do in event of a fire, someone being knocked down, the dangers of electricity or if someone is trapped in a boat and many more. The guides were funny and Mr Cain was the man answering the emergency telephones.

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Fabian & Erin (again)

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  1. Jilly(Rowans mum) says:

    It was very exciting and interesting to be part of your experience at the “Risk Factory”. I got a few frights!! I bet you did too!! I am glad the photographs turned out ok-as I was left in charge of the camera!! Well done P7!! (and Mr Cain!!)

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